Hi, I’m Rahul.

I work as a software developer at ChannelMeter in San Francisco, where I build a customer relationship management dashboard for brands and agencies to connect with social media content creators. I contribute to all aspects of our product throughout the stack, but my speciality is front-end design and development. My current project has me automating the onboarding process for new clients. I'm designing an intuitive user interface, writing instructional copy, and validating and processing CSV files to update our databases, freeing up time and energy for our engineers to build new features and our salespeople to find new leads. I’ve learned a lot on the job and accomplished features I previously wouldn't have thought possible. My biggest lesson so far is that there is much more I can learn and do, as long as I'm willing to put in the work.

I graduated from University of California, Berkeley in May 2018 with B.A. degrees in Computer Science and Economics. In my time at Cal, I created several side projects, especially in my final two years, and was an active member in my business/marketing fraternity. My studies and extracurriculars taught me to work well with teammates, empathize with product users and consumers, and motivate myself to follow my passions.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about helping others. I write reviews on Yelp, articles on Medium, and advice on Quora. In the next year, I hope to build out a YouTube channel to teach and guide others in designing and developing software. I also hope to build more robust and extensive side projects. I enjoy honing my craft and pushing my boundaries to become better.


More recently, I'm exploring the worlds of climbing, coffee, and chai. My morning workouts are bouldering or weightlifting at the local climbing gym, my pre-work ritual is brewing coffee in my French Press (or leaving it in the fridge for overnight cold brew), and on the weekends I opt to make masala chai instead. I'm training for the Berkeley Half Marathon in November!